SQL Introduction

Course Overview (1 day)

This course assumes that you have no knowledge of how to query data using SQL in the SQL Server environment.

T-SQL is covered, but the principles could be used on Oracle, MySQL and others.

Course Content

  • Overview of SQL
  • The Select Statement
    • The From Clause
    • Aliasing Column Names
    • The Select Distinct Statement
    • Applied In Line Comments
    • Applied Block Comments
  • Sorting Retrieved Data
    • Order By Statement
  • Filtering data
    • The WHEREClause
    • AND & OR operators
    • BETWEEN and NOT BETWEEN operators to select values
      within an inclusive range
    • The IN operator to specify multiple values in a where clause
    • Search for data using the LIKE operator and SQL wildcards
  • Calculated fields
    • Concatenation
    • Mathematical operators
  • Aggregate (group) functions
    • Sum function
    • Avg function
    • Min function
    • Max function
    • Count function
  • The GROUP BY clause
  • The HAVING clause
  • The IsNull function
  • The Case function
  • The Convert function
  • Inserting data
  • Updating records
  • Deleting records
  • Understanding the principles of relational databases
    • Inner Join
    • Left Join
    • Right Join
  • Using a relational database to retrieve data
    • Joining two tables together
    • Extracting data from related tables
    • Joining multiple tables
    • Extracting information from multiple tables