Project Introduction

This course is for Project managers, team leaders, team members, project support office personnel or anyone working on a project that needs to understand project schedules or keep better track of their projects.

On completion, delegates will be able to create projects schedules from scratch, adding tasks, resources and costs. They will be able to baseline, track projects and produce meaningful reports.

We offer a week’s free consultation on completion of this course.

Project Outline (1 day)

Overview of the Project application

The Ribbon and Tabs

The Gantt Chart

The Timeline

Project Base Calendar




Entering Tasks

Elapsed duration

Recurring Tasks

Creating summary tasks

Linking tasks

Setting up relationships/Lead & Lag




Entering resources

Work Resource Types

Resource costs

Standard Rates

Project base calendar

Resource calendars



Fixed Costs

Resource Costs

Material Costs

Cost Resources



Identifying the critical path

Creating a baseline

Showing the base line on Gantt

Tracking Project Progress

Showing completed tasks



Filters & Highlights

Types of Reports

Setting, viewing and printing reports

Creating a Template