Excel Introduction

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Course Overview (1 day)

This course is designed for anyone with no knowledge of how to use Excel and with little knowledge how to use a computer. At the end of the training course you will know what a spreadsheet is used for, how to create and save workbooks, input and manipulate data, and enter simple formulas such as SUM(), AVERAGE() and COUNT()

We offer two weeks free consultation on completion of this course.

Course Content

Overview of Microsoft Excel

The backstage view

The interface – tabs, groups, and commands

The Quick Access Toolbar

Excel Help

Workbooks & Worksheets – What are they?

Basic Features

Creating, Saving, Opening and Closing a Workbook

Protecting a Worksheet

Protecting a Workbook

Columns, Rows, and Cell Referencing

Entering and editing data







Simple Formulas

The plus, minus, multiplication and division operators

BODMAS Explained

Relative Cell Referencing

Absolute Cell Referencing

Simple Functions

What is a function

SUM(), AVERAGE(), COUNT(), MIN(), MAX() aggregate functions

The Insert Function dialog box

Simple Charts

How to create a simple chart based on data


Page setup/Print Area

Print preview


  • to printer
  • PDF

 Class Project

Creating an Invoice