What we offer:

Bog standard courses

Customized courses (client picks and choices from array of topics spanning from beginners to advanced levels)

Workshops (Ranging from half a day to two days)

Training – Workshop combination. (TrainShop). We discuss your needs and business requirements before the course. The first half if the course or course segment is used in teaching the topic, while the second half is utilized in brainstorming and working on actual business problems. These can be quite practical and at the same time enjoyable

Pure consultancy – we just come in and do the work while you sit back. This applies usually if you don’t plan to use the technology again in a long time and/or you normal day to day job is far removed from the technology.

Web based training via Skype or Join Me.

A combination of any of the above

Excel Introduction      Excel Intermediate     Excel VBA     Access     Access VBA     Project Introduction    SQL Introduction        SQL Advanced

Word  PowerPoint  Visio